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De La Vali’s Resort Collection is a flamboyant love letter and ‘re-emergence’ celebration to the beloved party scene that has been absent from our lives for so long. The campaign, shot outside the deserted, iconic Ibizan club scene in the eerily quiet, twilight hours of the brands homeland and once renowned party paradise is the perfect representation of the collection narrative.

Inspired by the electrifying ‘stage presence’ of effervescent movie sirens, rock legends and iconic show girls of eras past, Resort 22 is not for the faint hearted – but certainly what we’ve been craving…

“For this collection we were inspired by movies sirens, rock legends and show girls. We explored the many different eras and imagined how the modern-day woman might wear power pieces not only on the dance floor but also in her day to day. We considered different attributes from stage costume throughout different eras, reimagined in a modern twist.”